The Society of Wholistic Wizards

Gifted for you

You receive a full box of props from the wizardly world. Props of all kinds, all vintage and high quality crafted :) Everything to make you feel at home in a magical world, with one simple box.
Get back into the magic, plan a party or a small larp, get the perfect accessory for your costume. This is about living your passion, feeling the world you grew to love from small phials to posters, letters or notebooks. We have big plans for the Wholistic Wizards box. Showcase that love with unique props. Get the box!

Props Alley

In the shop, you will find various props, facsimile and creations from our minds. Want to know how is the magical life outside Hogwarts and elsewhere? The shop is the place to be.
You want a special occasion to have that magical scent, that old touch, that unique small spark that will make it memorable. We know. We got you covered.
We wish to extend the magic of the wizardry world with unique objects delivered to your owl-box. Grab your broom and don't forget your wand!

Tales of Different Bards

The blog is more talkative: treat for the mind, text for your imagination. Stories written by authors to learn more about this fantastic adventure, to push back the frontier of the canon.
It goes out of Hogwarts and beyond 1994. You will find original stories and the narrative of the universe we are continually building in which each product have its place.
Don't worry, you will not feel out of place, it is still the same magical world!